When you’re in the mist of the struggle… and you’re fighting to make the world a better place… and the darkness is starting to consume you… and the mountain starts to look too high to climb… and you’re losing faith in your ability to win the fight… and you start to contemplate giving up… step away… step away and reflect on the beauty of life… step away and think about all the things you’ve already overcome… step away and call your ride or dies… smile… laugh… love… shift your focus back to what you’re fighting for and not what you’re fighting against… sit up… put your feet firmly on the ground… put your fist in the air… rise up and scream in the name of the creator and all the ancestors that laid the foundation for you to be where you are… believe in your mind… understand with your heart… know with your soul that you can’t be stopped!!! Let’s go!!!! The Universe Needs You!!! ~ Sean King


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. Very well-said, and so timely, Sean. This is something many, many of us need to hear, need to remember. You have described so beautifully the way to continue conquering when obstacles loom large. I love what you’ve said about focusing on what you’re fighting for and not on what you’re fighting against. That’s important to remember because that is why many give up.
    Love your mind and your soul.


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