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Free Love

My goal is to learn to love myself, the people in my life, and anyone I come in contact with purely and freely. This means:

  • Without judgment,
  • Without ulterior motives,
  • Without expectation that the love will be returned,
  • With vulnerability,
  • With honesty, and
  • With an acceptance of the fact that my love may not be enough to save you.

In the western culture this means I will often be misunderstood and not trusted as people try to reconcile my actions with our underlying culture of mistrust; and rightfully so. Admittedly, the love I offer will sometimes be with judgment, with expectation that it will be returned, and with ulterior motives.

Let’s just say I have a long way to go, but I’m working on it.

Free Dream

My dream,
Is to be free

Without shackles
Without chains

No labels
Not defined by skin tone
Or height
Or weight

Not defined by what I wear
Or my hair
Or shoes
Or income
Or degrees
Or any of societies’ definitions
Of success
And blissfully unaware of the existence of boxes

My dream
Is to be free

Basking in God’s eternal glow
No ulterior motives
Or hidden agendas

No pressure to fit my square block
Into your round system
Of incomplete half truths
And able to “BE” the “ME” that God created “ME” to “BE”

My dream
Is to be free

Free to like you
To compliment you
Without a misunderstanding
Without a misinterpretation of my intent

To converse with you
Regardless of our different beliefs

To see and be seen
Without the baggage of stereotypes
Or preconceived notions
Or the endless comparisons
To “YOUR” past failures
Followed by the constant reminders of why
I will fail to achieve my dreams
From the oppression of your negativity

My dream
Is to be free

From the unyielding pressure of the rat race
From the insatiable pursuit of more
From keeping up with the Joneses
From the reality of living check to check
From credit card debt
From student loan debt
From high priced cars
From upside down mortgage loans
From the allure of the American dream

My dream
Is to be free

To live life fearlessly
To share my gifts unconditionally
To love you perfectly
And able to “ACCEPT” the “ME” that God created “ME” to “BE”

My dream
Is to be free
My Freedom
Starts with ME

Do You Understand?

I have nothing to prove. I don’t need to make any affirmations of my arrival, greatness, or success. I am not interested in your hollow praise or the pedestal you’ve built for me that you intend to kick over in a rage of jealousy; I’ll happily stand on the earth God built. Enthusiastically do God’s work. Love you unconditionally whether you choose to reciprocate it or not. I have one mission and it’s not to be accepted by you. Do you understand me yet?