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Me and You

I Do

I Do

Even in my perceived success
I choose to stand by you
How can I be successful
Unless you are too
How can I fly high
Unless you do to
Happiness isn’t in the destination
Happiness is me and you. ~ Sean King




I’m different, and I won’t change who I am to fit into your box, to appease your taste, or to make you feel comfortable when I’m around. I won’t sacrifice my values or my purpose to be more patriotic or to follow your lead. I won’t turn my back on people because we share a different belief system, we’re in different places in our class system,  or we’re considered to be different in our man-made race system.  I won’t give Obama or any other politician a pass because they’re black, gay, a woman, or a Christian…… and I won’t be quiet or toe the line with all of my people who think I shouldn’t have anything critical to say about our leaders as long as our country continues turning its back on its people.

I’m different, and I won’t bullshit you, sacrifice my happiness to be more like you, or deviate from God’s plan to agree with you when I know my soul is telling me to go a different direction.

I’m different, and I’m comfortable with who I am and looking forward to being the final product of who I was called to be.

I’m Sean King, and that’s good enough for me.

Us (Freewrite)

Me is a myth
there is no me, there is only us,

Me, smiling at you,
you, coyly grinning at me,
us, holding hands in the rain,

Me lifting you up when you get knocked down,
you standing by my side when no one else is around,
us, dancing under the moon graciously thanking God for his favor,

Me, fighting for the soul of mankind,
you, whispering encouragement in my ear when the thought of failure creeps in,
us, rescuing young souls from the grips of hopelessness,

Me, in love with you,
you in love with me,
us, smiling at each other
laughing with each other
standing with each other
respecting each other
working with each other
helping each other
supporting each other
living for each other
loving each other,

Me is a myth
there is no me, there is only us,
Only US… ~ Sean King