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The Dilemma

Artists are free to do things that would end most entertainers careers. Entertainers are free to do things that would make most artists quit their craft.  Does any of this make sense to you? — Sean King

Next to the Stage..

Look at the love poet

Look at the angry black poet

Look at the funny poet
Showing his ass

Poets pour their souls
Into microphones on stages

Spectators pay
Then applaud
In approval of the words
Being hurled from the cages

The stage
Is a zoo

It’s okay
You can pet him
He won’t bite

He’s safe to bring home
He’s housebroke

Like circus animals
Poets are tamed
Transformed from
Truthful closet poets
To farm raised performers
By promoters
Pimping poetry
To make cash
In exchange for the fame
From freedom writers
To house poets
Regurgitating the same
and again
and again

Next to the stage
We have “REPEAT”

Next to the Stage

Next to the Stage... Repeat

Tools of my Soul

I would be lying if I said
I was working to improve my art
I am not an artist

What is true
I am working to improve humanity
I am human

Much like a man uses a hammer and nails
To build a home for his family
My soul uses words
To build a future for humanity

Words are the tools
Of my soul
Is what I’m building