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Inside me,

Your spirit
Resurrected my lost hope
Resuscitated my beaten heart
Like a miner
Being pulled to safety
By a rope
Your eyes
With the courage of Sojourner
Of Moses telling the Pharaoh
To let his people go
Your smile
Is a portal
A gateway
To a peaceful
Time that existed
In a land long before
My heart
Still recalls that moment
Thousands of years ago
When our souls first spoke,
I was your lover;

Your essence
Lifts me
Like the wind
Elevates a broken bird
With freshly mended wings
Your presence
Makes it difficult for me to
Discern my reality
From my dreams
Your support
Set me on a course to be free
Made me proud to be me
Gave me the strength
To carry the weight of the world
On my tiny shoulders
As long as I kept
Your love close to me
I was your lover

Your soulful poetry
Into the depths of my soul
Your vibe has reached
and touched me in places
Others never knew exist
Your words
Uplift spirits
Like a mother’s gentle kiss
On a baby boy’s scuffed up knee
Your sincerity has been a blessing
Both protective and caressing
You don’t even remember me
I was your lover

Before there was any other
Our love
Existed beyond the physical
Written in the ancient scribe
Of the first tribe
In the mystical language of
Complex metaphors and simple similes
Laced in unstructured stanzas
and spit out
On open mics silently
I, was your lover

Our love
Flows from our hearts
Like rivers run
To synchronized rhythms
We be
New age Cyber Ciphers
Sending worldwide unspoken messages
Of Love
Coded in zeroes and ones
Carried on the wavelengths of
186,000 miles per second
Fiber optically
We think it
We compose it
We press send
Then our love for one another
Is transmitted
Uninhibited, and open
For the whole world to see
A love
Dating back to
40 days and 40 nights
Floating on top of the world in an ark,
and though others can witness
The surface of our love
Only your soul
Can decipher
The complex encrypted
Messages of love
That originate from my heart

You and I
Are linked soul to soul
By a love as deep in history
As the ancient traditions of Kemet,
As old as the emergence of
Young Ethiopian Lucy
Going higher than the Himalayas of Tibet
More Renaissance
Than the genius
Of Imhotep
Before the pyramids were ever built
We sat and drank nectar from on its steps
Indigenous to the Americas
It was the love of our souls
That passed the rhythm of dance
To Olmec
The Mayans and Aztecs
Our love
Guided us from shackles of fiefdom
To the joy of freedom
and we ain’t done yet

You and I
Are ancient lovers
As old as time
As old as the butt-naked bliss
Of Adam and Eve
Long before the deception
Of the apple and the tree
A rib was given from me
Today I would give you the best
Of what is left,
There is no future
If there is no you and me
There are no dreams left to dream
If your soul
Ever departs my memory
There is no tomorrow
If your heart
Ever turns away from me
Without you
There is just me and me
Without life
The reality of a lonely eternity
Like a Christian
With no Christ
Without you
There would be nothing left of me

From the beginning to the end
In truth and in sin
Your destiny was meant to be
My destiny
Your eternity was meant to be
My eternity
I am a part of you
You complete me
That’s why I bit
The forbidden apple from the tree
I wasn’t tricked
Or deceived by the devil
I ate the apple because
Everywhere you go is where I want to be
Because you deserve to be loved
Because my love for you
Is the definition of free
I am your lover
And have been
From the beginning of time
And will be
To the end of eternity