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Let’s Be Beautiful

Good day beautiful people. I say beautiful, because no matter what mistakes you made yesterday, no matter how short you fell of your goals, no matter how mad someone made you or you are of yourself, today is a new day… and today you have the opportunity to be beautiful.

Today you have an opportunity to free yourself from the weight of yesterday by letting go of all the unnecessary baggage that’s weighing you down; fear, anger, disappointment, pain, insecurity, etc. Today you have an opportunity to forgive, others and yourself, and to accept yesterday for what it was; yesterday. Today you have an opportunity to be mentally and spiritually reborn. A chance to be kind, to give a hug, and to let somebody know that you love them. Today you can be beautiful.

I know it won’t be easy. I know yesterday will try to sink its claws into us and keep us from moving forward, but for today’s challenges we need to pack light. We need to bring only what’s needed. To look at all of that stuff and ask the question, is it moving me forward, is it making me better, is it helping me to feel as beautiful as God created me to be? If not then let it go immediately. Today we’ve only been given just enough time to embrace life, to love ourselves and others, to let go of yesterday, and to be exactly how God intended us to be. Beautiful.

Again, I say good day beautiful people. I say beautiful, because beautiful is what you are.


The Best Kind (Freewrite)


The best poetry,
is the kind that’s poured
out of our hearts like libations

The kind that upholds truth
like African Griots
tracing their lineage back to ancient Kings

The kind that fights for the freedom
of the common man
like an unselfish King
who’s passion is giving freely to his people

The best poetry,
is the kind that sings the song of life
over the drumbeat of love

The kind that’s born from the place
where the beat of the heart
intersects with the rhythm of the soul
and the words Tango with our emotions

The kind that’s expressed
with the humble confidence
of a child of God,
driven by purpose
and embodied with truth

The best poetry,
is the kind that simply is…
and loving
like a mother and her newborn

The best poetry,
is LOVE… 

Beautiful sunrises
and breathtaking sunsets

and hummingbirds

Morning breath kisses
and nighttime prayers
just LOVE…

What kind of poetry do I like?
I like the kind that is

America, A Reality Check

We are not that America
We are not unified citizens working together for a better tomorrow
We are not compassionate human beings lifting one another as we climb
We are not unselfish politicians fulfilling our promise to work for the greater good of the people
We are not the Miracle of 34th Street
We are not the humble grace of “Thanksgiving”
We are not innocence until proven guilty
We are not equality and merit
We are not the intellectual contradictions who framed the constitution
We are not a Democracy for the people
We are not rational thinking civilians using guns to protect our freedom from imperialists
We are not dreamers boldly blazing new paths and forging better tomorrows
We are not one indivisible nation under God providing liberty and justice for all
We are not the home of the brave we sing about in our Star Spangled Banner
We are not the Manifest Destiny
We are not the revisionist Americans of our history books
We are not the peaceful European explorers who vanquished the savage indigenous animals

We are this America
We are glimpses of beauty
We are flashes of hope
We are hints of greatness
But mostly,
We are the lie of Columbus
We are the savages
We are the imperialists
We are the adulterers
We are the animals
We are the rapists
We are the murderers
We are the warmongers
We are the takers of dreams
We are the enslavers of children
We are the thugs that stole the land
We are the America that was founded on 2 parts violence and 1 part idea
We are the pepper spray facial on the 99%
We are the mindless stomp of Black Friday
We are the Stand Your Ground  killers of innocence
We are the dogs attacking the marchers
We are the hoses washing away hope
We are the billy clubs beating King
We are the bullets in the back of tomorrow
We are the walking contradictions pledging allegiances to justice and liberty while committing crimes against justice and liberty
We are the America that hides behind the idea of America
In isolated communities gated away from our fear
Behind our antiquated principles
Behind our flag, religion, and the God we’ve made in our likeness
We are the America who sacrifices our children at the altar like lambs, that then sheds tears
While screaming at the top of our lungs “How did we get here!”

We are the America that fails to understand time and time again;
Getting Here, to this dreadful state of horror and fear,  is the one thing we did as a collective
Getting Out of Here is the one thing that we must do together


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