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You Are Beautiful

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Last night, my wife and I started watching the documentary “Dark Girls”. In a word it was “painful”. No matter how long I’ve witnessed and been a part of this issue, it’s always sad to be reminded about how deep the issues with skin color run in the Black (African-American/African) community.

That being said, I am very aware of how Colonialism and Imperialism have nearly impacted the view of the entire world when it comes to skin pigmentation and melanin. White Jesus, darker people all over the globe treated like second class citizens or in some cases animals, negative stigmatization, self hate, classicism, and a myriad of other issues stemming from the continuous attempts to whiten our society through art, the selective retelling of history, law, religion, and the negative portrayal in the media.

With that in mind, I will say this: If you don’t read or listen to anything else I say, I need you to know that God made you “Beautifully Perfect” just the way you are… Dark skin, light skin, white skin, brown skin, caramel skin, mocha skin, red skin, freckled skin, spotty skin, or whatever you’ve been blessed with. If it’s the way God made you, then you are beautiful and you shouldn’t listen to anyone trying to tell you otherwise. I Love You.

Sunday Morning Thoughts on Life

If I spent my life arguing with people over who I am, trying to convince them to like me, to accept me as is, or to embrace the choices I’ve made, I wouldn’t have any time or energy left to live or to love.

The reality is I was born a dark skinned black boy in Bakersfield, California. I’ve had haters from the time the sperm fertilized the egg and I can’t do anything about that. My head has been filled with statistics on the number of black men in prison versus in college and the probability of me living past 25. I’ve extensively studied slavery and its counterpart global white supremacy.

That being said, at the end of the day I can honestly say I don’t think the people who stand against me are my problem. My struggle is not a struggle against man. No, my journey is about fulfilling the purpose God put me on this earth for. If I stay in the light and stay focused, what man can possibly stop me?

Beyond the Surface

My love for my beautiful black wife extends beyond the beauty of her blackness and into the realm of her godliness.

Da Kingz