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My Thoughts on the Latest Shooting:

…an unarmed man was murdered by a police officer while trying to run away… this is not shocking; in the community I grew up in it’s common knowledge that not all black people are thugs, not all cops are honorable, and there are times, too often, where the cops are the thugs murdering innocent civilians, planting evidence, illegally detaining and beating us up under the guise of broken taillights, tinted windows, speeding violations, and fitting the description of… I myself have had five cops pull their guns on me over a “broken taillight” among other incidents… Like I said, where I grew up, it’s common knowledge that not all black people are thugs, not all cops are honorable, and the murder of an unarmed man is not new to us…

…it is shocking, even with the video evidence, that this officer has been arrested and charged with murder… but I doubt that many of us believe that he will be convicted or serve any serious time if he is… we struggle with being patient and believing in a justice system that has continuously failed us, so you have to excuse us if we don’t believe this latest incident will result in any punishment for the perpetrator of the crime against human life…

…the fact these officers continue to commit these kinds of acts, knowing that they are potentially being recorded shows that these are not isolated random incidents, but a part of their culture and that they don’t believe they will be punished for their actions. Otherwise, they would stop foolishly committing these acts on camera.

…I am thankful for the recent barrage of video footage, not because I believe there will be a conviction, but because people who aren’t from my world (there is more than one America in America), are having their beliefs challenged and being presented with evidence that disputes the long held American belief that the police are always acting honorably when they do harm to a civilian…

…the truth is, we have been telling you for years about these heinous acts committed by officials of the government, but you have never believed us… and even with the videos, you are still struggling to reconcile the idea of a crooked cop against your belief that cops by definition are good people…. Cops are just people, some honorable and good, others abusing their power and corrupting the system…

…now we wait…. ~ Sean King




I’m black and haven’t watched 12 years a slave. I didn’t watch the Help or the Butler either. In fact, I didn’t and had no intentions on watching the Oscars… but I do congratulate them on their award, on obtaining a slice of their dreams, on the confidence that so many young brothers and sisters will have who are struggling with believing in themselves in a world that is constantly telling them they are nothing.

To my young brothers and sisters who are looking at their dreams and wondering if they are capable, if they are worthy, if they can. I will simply say; Yes!!! You can, you are worthy, you are more capable and amazing than you will ever know, and you are and have always been beautiful even if society refuses to validate you. I say those things to you in hopes that you never give your power to anyone else. In hopes that you understand that even though it’s nice to be recognized for your effort, it is not a requirement for you to achieve your greatness; do not allow them to have that kind of power over your dreams. Keep moving forward, keep grinding, keep pushing toward your dreams even if it seems you are the only one who believes in them. Above all else – believe in and love yourself. I love you; I believe in you; I wish the best for you today and always. ~ Sean King

Happy Black History Month

carter g woodson

Happy Black History Month to all of my brothers and sisters that descended from Africa . As my brother Gilbert Richards always reminds us, Black History didn’t start with Slavery and is more than the history of African-American/Black people in America.

This month, let’s celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our ancestors by paying homage to their legacy and putting in the work to build on it.

No matter what your knowledge of our history is, learn more. No matter what your accomplishments and achievements are, do more. No matter how many people you uplift with the wonderful community service you do, strive to do more. No matter how many people you greet and smile at, smile and greet more.

Envision yourself helping your people escape from the Pharaoh. Think about what it would be like to conquer Rome. Can you see yourself leading forces in the French Revolution? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take Edison’s inventions and make them better. What about creating an Almanac and designing the streets of our nation’s Capitol. When you make Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches do you say Ashe in honor of our ancestors? Do you ever wonder how all that food is transported across the country without spoiling? Have you read the Three Musketeers or the Count of Monte Cristo? When you thank Abraham Lincoln for freeing the slaves do you also thank Frederick Douglas? Do you yell Yele and Amandla Awethu in your sleep? What would it have been like to stand at the steps of the Lincoln memorial and to deliver one of the most important speeches ever delivered? What are the Souls of Black Folk saying to you now? How did Superman become Man?… and while I’m at it, why does Black History month even exist?

No matter who you are, no matter where you are in life… Dream Big, Give Thanks, and Go Forth on building the history of tomorrow through your hard work today. ~ Sean King