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We have to stop looking at these tragedies as isolated events committed by sick individuals and begin to look at the role our society and we as the people play in these acts. We all need to be more accountable for what goes on here. I feel the president, the congress, the judges, and us, all of the citizens of our society should get tattoo tears for every innocent child that is lost to preventable senseless violence. We are all murderers and rapists. — Sean King

Life’s Travesty

If we were willing we could be so much more; and that is the travesty of life. To fall into the trap of mediocrity when our dreams are within reach. To fail due to lack of effort when a little bit of work is all that’s needed. To get scared and turn back to the familiar just before reaching our destination. To be beat because we never tried rather than we took the risk and fell short. To put our dreams off as if our time will go on forever, just before our time runs out…

…and the worst part is the children watch this travesty.  No matter how much we encourage them to pursue their dreams, what they see are us, their role models, the people they look up to wasting their gifts away. Our actions become their expectations and their norm.  Our failures become their failures because we’re teaching them that this is what life is.

Why should you pursue your dreams?   Because tomorrow depends on it.

The Voiceless (Rated M for Maturity)

This is dedicated to those who are afraid to speak of the monsters that exists in places where there aren’t supposed to be any monsters.  As a community we must stop making excuses for the horror we allow our children to go through and excusing the monsters we let roam freely.  

I was 15
searching for direction
naïve and trusting
looking to him for guidance
a relationship with heaven
my heavenly father
a conduit
who would help me grow

He assured me
this is what God intended
as he rubbed his hands
along my legs

Biblical he said
as he nibbled
along the edges
of my ear

Let go and let God
as he gingerly
moved his fingers
toward my
private areas

Who am I
to deny a man of the cloth
my mentor
a bringer of truth
chosen and set aside
to deliver
the word of God
a Sheppard
leading us
to a better life

It didn’t seem right
but it must be
the path of righteousness
my concerns
were merely
a lack of faith
a weakness in my belief
it would pass

from a wolf
in lamb’s clothing

I didn’t have any choice
but to let go
and let him
my kingdom

..and now
my soul
is broken

My faith
in man
in the church
in God
has been dismantled

By sermons
turned to whispers

turned to hugs

turned to
inappropriately placed fingers

turned to
cherry busting penises
pushing through
in dark corners

I cried for help
and the believers
didn’t believe me

of being greedy

to be quiet
be thankful
for his blessings

in the house
of the Lord

Now the only place I find refuge
is on street corners
lying on my back
in pay per hour motels
caged by
the aroma
of strange men
wanting me to call them

I remember
he wanted to be
my daddy too..