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Loss of Words

I’m not at a loss for words, I just find myself saying the same words over and over again. Today like every other day my soul cries for broken hearted parents who find themselves unnecessarily burying their children prematurely. I feel like a murderer every time our society fails the innocents among us. I feel like a rapist every time innocence is taken from a child who awakes to the hopeless horrors and their dreams become forever tarnished. I feel like a hypocrite because every single time a tragedy happens, we become temporarily human, compassionate and caring, and kind. But like all tragedies before this one, the pain, compassion, and human kindness will go away as we retreat back into our self centered bubbles and argue about the principle of what should be, while life continues to be lost to the reality of what is. To say we have to do better is a gross understatement. But I’ll say it anyway because it’s the truth. We must do better if we want to have any chance at a brighter tomorrow. — Sean King




We have to stop looking at these tragedies as isolated events committed by sick individuals and begin to look at the role our society and we as the people play in these acts. We all need to be more accountable for what goes on here. I feel the president, the congress, the judges, and us, all of the citizens of our society should get tattoo tears for every innocent child that is lost to preventable senseless violence. We are all murderers and rapists. — Sean King