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DIE (An Acrostic Haiku)

Dance little angel
Ignite the fire in your soul
Escape to freedom

3 Kings – February 16 at the Brickhouse Gallery in Sacramento

Don’t miss this event if you’re in Sacramento.  If you’re not in Sacramento, get to Sacramento.


Dancers and Poets (Inspired by Jack Anderson)

“Dancing is an art of bodies moving on a stage.  Poetry is an art of words moving on a page” – Jack Anderson

Dancers twist
and then gracefully spin,

In the same vain as the poets
Bumping their heads against the wall
Before dripping their soul on the page
One word at a time
Through the ball of their pen

The word
Is where the struggle begins
The unified dance of the masses
Moving to the rhythm of the heart’s beat
Is where the struggle ascends
Into change

Dancers and poets want the same thing
And that is the salvation of your soul
This routine of ours
Ain’t just another show — Sean King