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Dare To Be You


Because history is a lie
and most of what is written is untrue
and most heroes never get their due
don’t worry about what they say about you
live your life the way God called you to
do the things that you’re supposed to do
stay out of the shadows and live your truth
forget about their boxes and dare to be you
dare to soar like the birds, and like the flowers dare to bloom
dare to be kind and to give instead of to consume
dare to smile when the world has the audacity to frown at you
dare to throw off the shackles that they use to control you
dare to speak up when they try to silence you
dare to die for your beliefs, but do it being you
dare to confront the fear they use to stifle you
dare to Love them, but first dare to Love you…
dare to Love them, but first dare to Love you…
and when they greet you with their hateful words
greet their hateful words with the retort of I Love You…