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The Lost Art of Conversation



Someday, I hope to sit down with you, to look in your eyes, to hear your voice, to converse using the full array of tools we’ve been given; voice fluctuations, hand gestures, body language, pace, facial expressions, and eye movement.

Someday, I hope to have an honest and open dialogue with you, without interruptions, without being defensive, without misunderstanding; our souls harmonically synchronized to the rhythm of each other’s beat.

Someday, I hope to share a space with you at a time when we are present in the moment, both mentally and physically; where the words coming out of our mouths and the unspoken language of our souls are just as necessary as the oxygen we use to feed our lungs, our heart, and our mind.

Someday, I hope to meet you in a place that sits just beyond the reach of our internet connections, of our cell phone towers, of our satellite feeds, and out of the range of all the other distractions that we’ve allowed to impede something that used to come so naturally to us.

Someday, I hope to converse with you in a place so beautifully peaceful that I can hear the blood flowing through your veins and the thump of your heart.

Someday, I hope to sit down and talk with you, to have the kind of dialogue that 60 years of marriage is built on, the kind of discussion that is necessary to establish lifelong friendships, to have the kind of dialogue that leaves you longing… for the next conversation.

Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for you…