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Sweet Taste of Freedom (A Sunday Freewrite)


I picked the lock to the chains they built for me,
My soul has been forever tainted by the sweet taste of freedom

I stepped outside of the cage and discovered me,
There’s no way I’ll ever give up the sweet taste of freedom

The rays of love have shined their light on me,
Why in the world would I let go of the sweet taste of freedom

I discovered a power I didn’t know existed in me,
I’ll do everything in my power to hold on to the sweet taste of freedom

They’re lying traps in an attempt to capture me,
I’ll never go back to that place before I had the sweet taste of freedom

They’ll try to assassinate my hope and take my dreams from me,
Even then they’ll never separate me from the sweet taste of freedom

The whole Universe has conspired to free me
I’m a warrior, using the weapon of love to protect the sweet taste of freedom.

Flash Flood (Freewrite #2)

They say, all the right words with the best intentions
Lyrical geniuses crafting poetic lines to blow your mind and to get your attention,
Low, sweet serenades of love pulsating the drums of your ear,
While they stand behind you pulsating at full attention,
Your desire to be loved makes you ignore the hands that are ascending,
Around the crevices of your breast,
Your heart vigorously pounds through the cavity of your chest
You lick your lips before producing a quiet humming moan
You slightly arch your back and scream the words,
“Daddy Bring It On Home!”

..and now she’s gone
Should have read the label before bringing his book home
Warning – A Poet’s Words Should Not be Read Alone

Flash Flood