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I’m smart enough to understand the ancient Hieroglyphs on the wall.
I’ve enjoyed enough blessings to know I’m loved.
Seen enough bad times to stay humble when I’m blessed.
Met enough good people to know the world isn’t as bad as they say.
Experienced enough love to know that it’s worth the risk of being hurt.
Fell down enough to be confident in my ability to get up.
Said goodbye to enough family and friends to know living life is not something that can wait.
Foolish enough to believe dreams come true if you stay true to your dreams.
Appreciative enough to embrace waking up yet another day.
Appreciative enough to understand how beautiful you are.
Appreciative enough to be thankful for your presence in my life.
Man enough to tell you I love you.
Man enough to tell you I love you……


Live with Purpose

Carry yourself with the humble appreciation of a person who received a second chance on life because someone believed in you. Walk with the inner confidence of someone who knows that you are both beautiful and intelligent. Act with the maturity of someone who understands the children of the world will emulate you, meaning the fate of the world depends on you. Approach each day of your life with the urgency of someone who knows there are no more second chances, no more do overs, no time to rectify your wrongs, and no going back. Live every single moment with the focus of someone who has a purpose in life. — Sean King

Celebrate Life

One Way to Live

Praise God
Work Hard
Play Hard
Make No Excuses
Be Humble
Dream Big
Live Bigger
Give Back
Return to the Earth and be

Not for the wealth you accumulated
But for the LOVE you gave – FREELY