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Free Love

My goal is to learn to love myself, the people in my life, and anyone I come in contact with purely and freely. This means:

  • Without judgment,
  • Without ulterior motives,
  • Without expectation that the love will be returned,
  • With vulnerability,
  • With honesty, and
  • With an acceptance of the fact that my love may not be enough to save you.

In the western culture this means I will often be misunderstood and not trusted as people try to reconcile my actions with our underlying culture of mistrust; and rightfully so. Admittedly, the love I offer will sometimes be with judgment, with expectation that it will be returned, and with ulterior motives.

Let’s just say I have a long way to go, but I’m working on it.

My Journey, Destination Unknown

Today my journey took me to an interesting place. To a place where I learned Patriotism is not at the center of my belief system, but it’s impact on my belief is undeniable. Today I realized my true desire is to decouple myself from my American centric view, and to realign my mind and soul to a place that puts God and family at its core. Today I searched my soul and learned I want to go to a place where I value life regardless of where a person was born, their affiliations, and/or their beliefs. To a place where I am respectful of all life, even that of my enemies because I understand we originate from the same source.

Today I recognize it is the journey that pitted us against one another, our human nature that makes us enemies, and love is the only thing that can bridge the gap between our souls. Today I know I need to go to a place where I can understand and accept our dilemma; I took the path I took, you took the path you took, and we both believed we were heading in the right direction. Today it dawned on me, that as much as I want to hate you. As much as I want to fight against and attack you. As much as I want to condemn and judge you; there is only one place I can go to takes me higher. Today I finally got it, my desire to elevate to a higher level requires me to learn to forgive without condition and willingly. Today, I learned the meaning of courage and strength. Thank you Malcolm; we almost forgot about you.