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Where (A Haiku)

Our kids look to us
depending on our guidance,
and we’ve lost our way

We Need You

You are a heavenly soul with a beautiful heart that beats to the rhythm of love. You are an angel guiding our lost souls through the dark forest of life. Don’t let the ugliness of this world take away your light. We are lost without you.


Africa, Where Are You?

I couldn’t escape
Your hook captured me
Right off the coast
The boat ride was dramatic
The waters, turbulent

I lay exhausted
In a new environment
Comforted only by the tranquility
Of your shores
My life depended on your mercy

Strange sensations
As foreign fingers
Caressed me
We stared
Our destiny

The Fisherman and
The captured Fish
Both with mouths to feed
You unhooked me
You stared into my eyes
We were almost out of time
My mouth gaped wide open

For a brief moment
You understood
I too, am God’s creation
You threw me back in the sea
Feeling like you did the right thing
It was too late
I was already lost

Where are you?