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God’s Artistry

Sometimes we have to slow down enough to admire God’s artistry.


In the Beginning

In the beginning
we danced
under the star filled sky
into the wee hours
of the night.

In the beginning
softly rustled to the
magical motion
of our bare feet.

In the beginning
there was intense heat
generated by
the harmonic oscillation
of our bodies
gyrating up,
and down
to the universal pulse
of sinusoidal waves.

In the beginning
God’s whisper
quietly whistled
through the trees
like a flute
hypnotizing the moon to the
beautiful rhythm of the
Owls’ Hooo.

In the beginning
we were
suspended in time,
cocooned by a
foggy silhouette of
steamy perspiration
in the garden
of Love.

In the beginning
there was just you and me,
and life was good.