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Author Unknown (Freewrite by Sean King)

I teach minds in the belly of the beast
reach souls in dark times
rescue spirits from their downward spiral
save children before their dreams are dashed
give hope to the hopeless
restore belief in the collective
resuscitate faith in love
with words,
author unknown

I am unseen
unheard of
not even a figment of the imagination,
shuffled from shelters to streets
streets to bridges
bridges to bus stops
bus stops to shadows,
from shadow to shadow
leaving nothing more
than words,
author unknown

I am a dreamer
bitten by dogs
beaten by batons
chased by hoods
hosed by hate
incarcerated by injustice
fighting for the freedom of humanity
from my jail cell
with words,
author unknown

I am a poet
the glimmer of light in darkness
the last hope for our kind
the unknown author of 1000 poems
that no one will read
unless I take 100 lives, or
rape 1000 dreams
to build my billion dollar empire,
only then will they care about my story
only then will they read my manifesto
of words,
author unknown

So much beauty gets missed because we only see the money maker and the murderer. ~ Sean King aka the Author Unknown


The Forgotten Poet

Who Am I?

I am a soldier in a war fighting to save the future of our children.
My weapon of choice? A pen.
My ammunition? Love.
My heart? Compassionate. 
My spirit? Heavy. 
My state of being? Hopeful. 
My leader? God.
— Sean King


Either you are..or you’re not

Either you are..or you’re not

Deep poets don’t write about love and love poets don’t write anything that’s deep..

Wait, that’s preposterous – everything a poet writes is love and all love is deep and there is no such thing as a love poet or a deep poet; you are either a poet or you’re not.