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Vessel of Love


Together we have the ability to bring life into this world. Do you understand how big of a responsibility it is to be a vessel of God’s love? … and all we can think about is money and sex… That’s the part that bothers me most; our selfishness, our inability to respond to our calling, our carelessness with the most important task God will call us to serve… I pray for your awakening. For those that are already awake, I pray the darkness never steals your love. ~ Sean King

Responsibility of an Artist

In my opinion, there are two things an artist must do. First, we must use our voice to create imagery with our words, movement, paint, and sound that give voices to the billions of people who for one reason or another are unable to articulate their story. Second, we must use our art to create a future so beautiful, that we give those souls that are barely hanging on enough hope to keep believing that as cruel as the world has been, that it’s not time to give up yet, that there is something beautiful enough in these crazy times to keep fighting for.