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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my friends and family in America and all over the world. Today I ask that you show some restraint before allowing that negative idea or desire to go bad come to fruition. I ask that you think twice before getting on your high horse and telling everyone about the Pagan origins of Christmas and that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25. We live in America, the fact of the matter is today is probably the least Pagan day of an almost purely Pagan culture, and honestly, the accuracy of the date of his birth is not as important as the love and sacrifice associated with his life. Today I ask that regardless of your religion or beliefs that you take a moment to be thankful for the life you have, to give someone a genuine hug, to flash your beautiful smile, to listen to someone that needs to be heard, to forgive someone, and to enjoy a peaceful meal with your family. Take a moment to say a prayer for someone, because whether you know it or not, there are many who are struggling to cope with the absence of their loved ones or barely hanging on themselves; your kindness matters. Today I ask that you show the your friends, your family, and the world what humanity can be when we’re at our best.  Merry Christmas and love you family.. Peace and blessings to you all. — Sean King



I Am Free

I vanquished my fear, gave anger its walking papers, tore down the walls of my safe little box, and ended my life long relationship with doubt.  No longer am I a beaten vessel suffering from Battered Dreamer Syndrome. Finally, I am free to love fearlessly and to live life abundantly.  I am Free!

12 Years and Counting

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Almost 16 years ago, heaven smiled at me and put an angel, my soulmate in my life. 12 years ago on 9-23-2000 we said I do, and consummated our love with a vow in front of our family, friends, and God. Today, as I have every day since we elevated to love, I woke up with a smile on my face, a warmness in my soul, and a spark in my heart. You are the answer to my prayers and the foundation of my dreams.  I love you.

Eternity of Love
To love
To be in
To commit
To begin
Life together

I will cherish
Each and every moment that we share

May love
Provide the backbone for our future

May the Lord
Provide the wisdom we need
To make our marriage last forever

Through good times
I do

Through bad times
I love you

Through all times
I will be true

I am willing to accept you
For who you are
My earth
My moon
My morning star
You are

My ocean
My waves
My embracing wind

You are
The reason I live
You are
My best friend
I dedicate the rest of my life to you

From now
Until forever
You and I together

I love you
I do

How long I want to be with you