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I barely noticed the deep scar on her neck. The chipped crooked teeth that overlapped like giant mountains was nothing more than a fleeting thought in my mind. Her rough, raspy voice…  None of it took away from the beauty of those captivating eyes staring… Staring at me with the grace of two Eagles tangoing on Cumulus clouds to the rhythm of light gust, cutting through my tough exterior and bringing warmth to my cold soul. Yesterday, I would have turned my lips up in disgust… Today, I smile. God has made us all beautiful… What changed? Me.

Either you are..or you're not

Either you are..or you’re not



Being in love, is a lot like being on the crack pipe you just can’t get enough..

The difference with love; you’ll end up fat, happy, with a mouth full of teeth; and instead of stealing and selling hot merchandise for that next hit, you’ll find yourself giving everything you have freely because LOVE don’t cost a thing except your HEART.

Get strung out on love!