Monthly Archives: October 2011


It’s not a gift if you expect something in return.


The most important revolution you will ever be involved in is the one that results in you becoming a better person. There’s a lot of work needed to make the world a better place, none more important than the change needed in you. If you want to lead the change you have to first be the change.

Thoughts for 10-27-2011

#1: Your positive attitude or lack of it may be the biggest factor in determining whether people want to be around you or stay away from you. Positive attitude = Full of Life. Negative attitude = Life Draining. (Attitude)

#2: There is no reason to stress on something that’s already happened or something that hasn’t happened yet. (Today)

#3: When God is guiding you it’s not always necessary to understand the why… It is necessary to keep walking the path. (Faith)

#4: With the right combination of faith and hard work, there is no need to doubt the outcome nor question the direction. Just keep walking the path. (Obedience)