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Sunday Reflections – Part 1

The easy part is to accept God and acknowledge that you’re blessed.

The more difficult tasks is to project a positive attitude of someone who is blessed by God at all times; through the triumphs and tribulations, in the face of love and hate, and in particular in the world we live where there the negativity is far more prevalent than the positive. It’s not impossible to maintain a positive attitude, remember you have God; but it is something we have to work at.

So when you’re sitting there and something happens, or you hear something, or you see something.. Try to find that positive energy before you speak and before you act. The world will appreciate the change of pace.


Thoughts for 10-27-2011

#1: Your positive attitude or lack of it may be the biggest factor in determining whether people want to be around you or stay away from you. Positive attitude = Full of Life. Negative attitude = Life Draining. (Attitude)

#2: There is no reason to stress on something that’s already happened or something that hasn’t happened yet. (Today)

#3: When God is guiding you it’s not always necessary to understand the why… It is necessary to keep walking the path. (Faith)

#4: With the right combination of faith and hard work, there is no need to doubt the outcome nor question the direction. Just keep walking the path. (Obedience)