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This Week


I am dedicating this week to positive empowerment. Your empowerment, my empowerment, our empowerment. Meaning, this week I am not going to spend any time talking about all that is wrong in the world, who’s holding us down, how we have been setup for failure. I will not give any attention to anyone who has done me wrong nor talk about what someone is missing because I am not in their life. I will not speak to you or anyone in a way that tries to steal your/their power. I will not not oppress you with my negativity nor the stories of how you will fail because I have failed.

This week I am dedicated to uplift and getting up. This week I will spend 100% of my time, community building, confidence building, encouraging you to keep moving forward, sharing love, lending a hand, and doing whatever I think is necessary for us to get to the next level.

Here is the reality; every second we spend thinking we can’t do it, worried about what’s in our way, or trying to prove someone wrong is a second that we’re not dedicating to our dream and/or our success. Let’s be love, let’s be light, let’s be a ray of hope in the darkness. Love…. ~ Sean King


God’s Way

Even my worst day
is better than someone’s best day

So when I have a down day
I pray for you to have an up day

When you hit hard times
I pray for you to be okay

And when you frown at me
I smile back at you anyway

Do what you do
I’m gonna do it God’s Way…

Love Tsunami

Bring your smiles
Bring your positive attitudes
Bring the beauty of God’s creation

Let us create a Tsunami of love
That will roll under
Over the top of
Right through the negativity

Until the world has been replenished
With goodness,

Until there is nothing left
Except Light
and Love