Beware of Poet

I just read an epic poem that reminded me of some cold hard facts. Namely, If you hurt a poet’s heart, they’ll murder you with their mind. They’ll torture your spirit with truth. They’ll lynch your lies and barbecue them over your soul. They’ll release their pain like police dogs and let them bite at your facade. They’ll open up their pen like a hose and spray you with their words, until

you are
and lastly,

but only after the poet’s thirst
has been satisfied

A poet who has been wronged has no mercy, and even with all of your layers of bullshit, you don’t stand a chance. BEWARE!!


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. HAHAAAA, this is awesome and true! I’m guilty of it and I’ve been the target as well of it! lol

    I have to share this on fb. Have a great weekend!

  2. suzanne schrader

    yes, and we will do it sssooooo “poetically”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!summerbeachplace

  3. So, so clever. And yes, it’s true. I testify! You forgot to mention… sometimes if you mess with them, a poet will write an entire album about you, call it “22” and win six Grammys for it! And as she herself put it in one of her songs, “I turn my sorrow into treasured gold.” She does and so do I. 😉 And then whoever hurt me turns to nothing, and I would have sucked the marrow from that experience’s bone, distilled it, and turned it into something beautiful. The poet always wins!

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