As a Matter of Fact

It’s amazing,
how a positive attitude
coupled with genuine acts of kindness
can uplift both you
and those around you

How something as simple
as a smile
can be a Godsend to
someone having the worst day
of their life

How a sincere thank you
can uplift the spirit
of someone working hard
but feeling unappreciated

How a heartfelt compliment
can make someone
radiate light like the sun

How a word
as simple as hello
can make a forgotten soul
remember what it’s like
to be seen

It’s amazing,
how much we matter
to each other
and how little of an effort
is needed
to make a difference

As a matter of fact
It’s a shame
that more of us
don’t do it

the kindness
a smile
thank you
a compliment



About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. So true! Thats why I live, the way I live – Do the things I do and Say the words I truly mean to say 🙂

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