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Everyday is a Day to be Thankful

I am thankful
for your smile
for your laughter
for your friendship
for your prayers
for your compassion
for your unselfishness
for you being there
when you were needed

I am thankful
for your patience
for your help in
guiding me through
the dark times
for your light
showing me the way
back to God
every time I strayed
off course

I am thankful
for yesterday’s memories
for tomorrow’s triumphs
for the opportunity
unfolding right now
for every angel
God has disguised
as my family
as my friends
as random characters
that pop up in my life
at just the right time

I am thankful
for God’s infinite love
and right on time blessings

I am thankful
For You!


As a Matter of Fact

It’s amazing,
how a positive attitude
coupled with genuine acts of kindness
can uplift both you
and those around you

How something as simple
as a smile
can be a Godsend to
someone having the worst day
of their life

How a sincere thank you
can uplift the spirit
of someone working hard
but feeling unappreciated

How a heartfelt compliment
can make someone
radiate light like the sun

How a word
as simple as hello
can make a forgotten soul
remember what it’s like
to be seen

It’s amazing,
how much we matter
to each other
and how little of an effort
is needed
to make a difference

As a matter of fact
It’s a shame
that more of us
don’t do it

the kindness
a smile
thank you
a compliment