Step Back, Reflect

So many truths and opportunities for growth get missed because we are too busy defending our position or being offended by what’s being said.

Not all critical feedback is an attack on your character, beliefs, family, or your religion.

Sometimes we need to move out of our “everything is about me” mindset and reflect on what’s being offered, even when it hurts our feelings to do so.


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

Posted on June 6, 2012, in My Thoughts and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. This is so powerful! Even I have to admit I have fallen short of the self obsession in daily habits.. However the more I admit these faults and learn from the world around me – the more obvious it becomes that our position as people need to change into how we can help rather than what do I need help for…

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