40’s Coming Quick


I had a conversation with a young woman who said she’s about to turn 30 and not looking forward to it…

Shit, I’m about to turn 40 and embracing every second of it. Life is all about perspective, and as a young black boy I was told about the high dropout rate at my high school, then the high murder rate for the brothers that looked like me, and then about the high likelihood that I would  either be in jail or killed by the time I turned 25… Throw in some crack slanging/gang banging friends, a touch of poverty, and a heavy dose of exposure to some racist police trying to catch me slipping every step of the way…   Let’s just say growing older is a gift.

I’m saying, if you don’t know how good life is then sit down with someone who’s been able to keep moving forward in spite of being exposed to a few real things along the way. Am I excited about getting older? That would be a resounding YES!!!!  I truly believe every second is a blessing…

On a side note, my New Year’s Resolution was to sit down and catch up with as many of my friends and family members (new or old) as I could. I love how Social Media has kept us aware of one another, but I’m old school, and think we need to venture out of cyberspace and do some real interacting with one another. So, if I haven’t seen you in some time, let’s start making plans to cross each other’s paths in the near future… because I ain’t coming to your funeral to boohoo over missed opportunities.  That just ain’t me.


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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