Happy Father’s Day

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Father’s Day Reflections: How can I feel blessed, be happy with my life, and be thankful with the path God has chosen for me while at the same time being upset that I didn’t have the perfect father?

How can I appreciate the fact that my life has brought me more happiness than I could have ever imagined and accept the fact that my dreams pale in comparison to the life I’m living, while being ungrateful because I think my father should have done more?

How can I stand here calling my father out for his inability to live up to my expectations while looking in the mirror dripping with my own imperfections, flaws, and with the knowledge that there are many things I can do to improve both as a man and as a father?

I can’t, because that’s not the way this thing works. If you’re happy with your life and your journey, and I am, then you also have to be thankful for all of the steps that it took to get there.

What I know today is God gave me the father I needed to become the person that I was called to be. My daddy loved me, he was imperfect, I am imperfect, and he is the father I was given.

It doesn’t need to be complicated: Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Leon King (RIP), and all the other brothers out there doing the best they can. It’s not for me to judge you, so I will simply say, if you keep getting knocked down, then keep getting up. If you keep falling short, then keep reaching forward. If the world keeps feeding you hate, keep spititng it out and fighting back with love. Whatever you’re struggling with, just do your best and know that I Love You and pray that one day you will be able to celebrate Father’s Day without all of the halfass Father’s Day wishes and backhanded compliments… Be blessed my brothers… ~ Sean King


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