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Conversation in Haiku (I-Esha and Sean)

Every now and then, my sister I-Esha and I will have a conversation using the Haiku format.  Here is the latest installment.  The first installment can be found here.

~ I-Esha
Running is easy
fear of love quickens my pace
A new world record

~ Sean
Where are you going?
Key moments of life, just missed
By your running heart.

~ I-Esha
Not sure, but can’t stay
memories haunt me, chase me
hoping to find faith

~ Sean
Take a look at self
Faith is buried inside us
Find? Choose to become.

~ I-Esha
I’m a romantic
Wounded by lies, pain, deceit
Running protects me

~ Sean
The wounds help us grow
Preparation for what’s next
Running just buys time

Wise man speaks true words
No more running, time to heal
Still scared, but hopeful


What My Math Teacher Taught Me


I received some of my best advice on life from a math teacher, and I believe the shortage of good math, science, and engineering teachers is a big part of the reason our society is so screwed up today.

What was the advice? Show your work. In math when you tried to take a shortcut, you always ended up making a careless mistake that led you to a wrong answer. The worst part, when you didn’t show your work you couldn’t even retrace your steps to find out where the mistake was made and you never knew how close you were to understanding how to solve the problem.

Life is the same way. When you take a shortcut, you make a careless mistake and end up with bad results. Somewhere along the way you get lost and don’t know how to get back on track. Because you’re looking for the quick answer you miss out on the opportunity to gain the knowledge of diligently taking the steps to get to where you’re going.

What did the good math teachers teach me about life? They taught me to show my work, be patient enough to work through the problem, believe you can do it, and don’t take any shortcuts if you want to maximize your outcomes. ~ Sean King

Word of Advice

Here’s a word of advice to my young brothers and sisters:

No matter how wrong the world has been to you, how unfair life has treated you, or how many people have been given advantages that have allowed them to get ahead of you, it is imperative that you immediately quit acting like you are entitled, or that someone owes you something. For your own good, you have to start acting like someone who has to claw and fight for every inch of progress that you want to make in life. There are a countless number of people in the world who would love to have your opportunities. Don’t blow it…