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To My Queen


Who knew, that on this day 37 years ago that a woman would be born who would tame my wild heart, elevate my soul into the Universe of love, teach me how to dance on the clouds, and open my eyes to the grace of God in ways that I had never saw before.

Who knew, that the love of my life, my Soulmate, my Boo, my Queen, and the mother of my lil’ Kings would lasso my heart with a love so beautiful that it would melt away all of my anger and hate, and leave me naked in front of God with three possessions: my love, my family, and the work of uplifting humanity.

Who knew? God knew, when he molded Adam from the clay of earth and created Eve from a rib at his side that you and I would be standing together on this day with a love as perfect as any love that has ever existed. Through God all things are possible, with your love my heart is unconquerable.

Happy birthday Boo, I am thankful for you sashaying your love into my life. Today we celebrate you, my Queen… ~ Sean King


Just Around the Corner


…now that my birthday is less than a month away, I’m officially open to accept invitations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, good conversation over tea, thought provoking books, warm smiles, unsolicited acts of kindness, free love with no conditions, and to be in the presence of the kind of happiness that makes unhappy people sick… ~ Sean King

8/9/2012: 14,245 Days Later

For 14,245 days, exactly 39 years as of 8/9/2012, God has blessed me by allowing me to open my eyes to another beautiful day of life and love. Along the way I’ve had some ups and downs, said goodbye to some loved ones, doubted where I was going, questioned the meaning of life, been chased by the ugliest aspects of humanity, fell down, and almost lost my will to get back up.

Yes, I have had my struggles. But every time I put my head down in despair God sent you to lift me, to stand with me, to guide me through the dark labyrinth. You, my family, my friends, my acquaintances, and even the nameless souls who arrived right on time with just the words I needed to hear, the ears I needed to speak to, the heart that I needed to beat for me, or the smile I needed to let me know everything was going to be all right.

Today, I celebrate not because I’ve been alive for 39 years, but because I have been blessed to have been surrounded, supported, and loved by beautiful people.  Today I celebrate you.

Thank you for always being there.