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To My Queen


Who knew, that on this day 37 years ago that a woman would be born who would tame my wild heart, elevate my soul into the Universe of love, teach me how to dance on the clouds, and open my eyes to the grace of God in ways that I had never saw before.

Who knew, that the love of my life, my Soulmate, my Boo, my Queen, and the mother of my lil’ Kings would lasso my heart with a love so beautiful that it would melt away all of my anger and hate, and leave me naked in front of God with three possessions: my love, my family, and the work of uplifting humanity.

Who knew? God knew, when he molded Adam from the clay of earth and created Eve from a rib at his side that you and I would be standing together on this day with a love as perfect as any love that has ever existed. Through God all things are possible, with your love my heart is unconquerable.

Happy birthday Boo, I am thankful for you sashaying your love into my life. Today we celebrate you, my Queen… ~ Sean King


You Are Beautiful



You are beautiful. The whole world is in front of you waiting to be conquered. Sure, there will be some bumps and rough patches, but don’t let it discourage you. Don’t lose sight of your blessings because of a few unfortunate circumstances. Get up, dust it off, take a step forward and then another and then another until you reach your destination. Know in your heart that nothing can stop you but your fear. Who are you? You are a King if you choose to be. You are a Queen if you believe it’s so. You are a work of art created by the most high… Act like it. Know it. Believe it… Believe it… You are beautiful… You are beautiful… You are beautiful… ~ Sean King

Sunday Reflection on Love

What is money? What is a degree? What is a good job? What is a successful career? What is a house or a car to someone that hasn’t learned to love themselves? Nothing. Nothing more than masks to hide the insecurity and ugliness that they keep hidden inside themselves.

I see them everywhere, damaged beings masquerading among us trying to hide their souls from us. Throwing their perceived successes in our faces as if we are blind and can’t see their self contempt and hate seeping through their pores… but I see them…

The should be Queen turned promiscuous slut who doesn’t understand her role in the cycle of life or God’s plan for our tomorrow. Instead of building brighter days she looks up in an alcoholic stupor from her backside. When will you learn to love yourself like the Queen you were created to be?

The could be King who mistakenly believes his power is his sexual prowess. A nomad creating broken bastard children all across the land. A magician, there for the magic show but nowhere to be seen when it’s time to do the real work of teaching our boys to become men. A clown, hiding behind your career, your money, your guns, and your sexual conquest. When will you learn to love yourself like the King you were created to be?

I see you, your family sees you, your friends see you, God sees you…. and we all love you… but none of that can save you from that hate and contempt you carry around for yourself. None of that can make you whole until you do the most important thing you can do for yourself. Learn to love yourself and then act accordingly.

Brighter tomorrows start with self love.