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Happy Black History Month

carter g woodson

Happy Black History Month to all of my brothers and sisters that descended from Africa . As my brother Gilbert Richards always reminds us, Black History didn’t start with Slavery and is more than the history of African-American/Black people in America.

This month, let’s celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our ancestors by paying homage to their legacy and putting in the work to build on it.

No matter what your knowledge of our history is, learn more. No matter what your accomplishments and achievements are, do more. No matter how many people you uplift with the wonderful community service you do, strive to do more. No matter how many people you greet and smile at, smile and greet more.

Envision yourself helping your people escape from the Pharaoh. Think about what it would be like to conquer Rome. Can you see yourself leading forces in the French Revolution? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take Edison’s inventions and make them better. What about creating an Almanac and designing the streets of our nation’s Capitol. When you make Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches do you say Ashe in honor of our ancestors? Do you ever wonder how all that food is transported across the country without spoiling? Have you read the Three Musketeers or the Count of Monte Cristo? When you thank Abraham Lincoln for freeing the slaves do you also thank Frederick Douglas? Do you yell Yele and Amandla Awethu in your sleep? What would it have been like to stand at the steps of the Lincoln memorial and to deliver one of the most important speeches ever delivered? What are the Souls of Black Folk saying to you now? How did Superman become Man?… and while I’m at it, why does Black History month even exist?

No matter who you are, no matter where you are in life… Dream Big, Give Thanks, and Go Forth on building the history of tomorrow through your hard work today. ~ Sean King


Happy Black History Month


I couldn’t escape
your hook captured me
right off the coast
the boat ride was dramatic
the waters, turbulent

I lay exhausted
in a new environment
comforted only by the tranquility
of your shores
my life depended on your mercy

Strange sensations
as foreign fingers
caressed me
we stared
our destiny

The Fisherman and
the captured Fish
both with mouths to feed
you unhooked me
you stared into my eyes
we were almost out of time
my mouth gaped wide open

For a brief moment
you understood
I too, am God’s creation
you threw me back in the sea
feeling like you did the right thing
it was too late
I was already lost

Where are you?

This sense of being lost and not understanding our heritage and contributions to humanity is one of the reasons Carter G Woodson created Negro Achievement Week (which became Black History Month). It was his way of saying we are somebody.

Today Obama is the President, but there is still no shortage of news and media projecting a negative image of African (Black) people. Today, the behavior of our youth and many of our grown folk for that matter indicate we have once again lost our way and forgot that we are descendants of the original man and architects of human progress. This is why we must diligently highlight our accomplishments and remind all of our generations that we are royalty.  This is why we can not accept being treated like animals or second class citizens.  Of course to this end, we must act the part.

Much love, many blessings, and continued peace on this glorious morning. God Willing/Insha’Allah, may all your steps be forward toward progress and uplifting for humanity.

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