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The Fear of Us

We aren’t beautiful because of what we look like, we are beautiful because of who we are. That’s not something our society will tell our young boys and girls. That’s not something our society will tell us, instead they’ll tell us that beauty is something we can have by exercising at expensive gyms, wearing fancy clothes, driving the right kinds of cars, wearing the right kind of makeup, having the right types of  shoes, having a prestigious job, or by the number of carrots that’s put on our finger.

The truth?  The truth is our society can’t afford to tell us the truth. Those lies of beauty and subsequently happiness is what feeds the greed of our capitalistic machine, and on a larger scale feeds the inequities of our entire society. They have to keep us running. They have to keep us chasing, desiring, wanting, and CONSUMING.  They know the minute they allow us to slow down, the minute we stop running on the wheel in that rat cage they’ve trapped us in, we might begin to think.  And when we begin to think, we may start to learn the truth.   The TRUTH that beauty, happiness, and love can’t be bought.  When we stop running on that wheel and start thinking, we might wake up and realize that we have always been beautiful.   We may wake up and KNOW that we’ve always been beautiful and quit wasting our money and time trying to buy the gifts that God already gave us. That is the fear, that one day we might WAKE UP and KNOW

Looking Out

Happy Commercial Love Day

If you have someone
Hold them

If you’re single
Be patient

If you’ve just been dumped
Be thankful

If you’ve just dumped someone
Don’t look back

If you’re pissed at your significant other
Cuss’ them out, and
Then make passionate love and
Work through it

No matter where you stand in your
On love,
Don’t fall for the trap of
Displaying your love and affection through

And if you must
Spend your money
Make a love offering
To the people of Haiti
Or the Famine victims in the Horn of Africa
Or to battered women in America
Or to a homeless shelter
Or a food bank

Because love is about unselfish sacrifice