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This Is Bigger Than Us


I say to you I love you,
and mean it.

Not because it’s Valentines day,
but because I do.

Not because it’s popular,
but because it’s at the core of who I am.

Not because I have anything to prove,
but because you’re worth loving.

Not with a dozen wilting roses,
but with the life from my beating red heart.

Not for one day,
but for infinite eternities.

Not just my soulmate,
but everyone in the vicinity of my soul
gets touched by it.

I love you,
as I did yesterday,
as I would tomorrow if such a thing existed.

In return,
I only ask that you don’t forget to love yourself.

I say to you I love you,
and mean it.

Not because it’s Valentines day,
but because I do. ~ Sean King

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11 Years, 4 Months, and 22 Days

11 years, 4 months, and 22 days ago
I said I do
Ever since then
I have thanked God for blessing me
With a wonderful wife
A fantastic mother
A terrific friend, and
A beautiful soul

I may not celebrate Valentine’s Day
But I do celebrate love, and
My soul has smiled every day
Since you’ve been in my life

What is February 14 to someone like me?
Nothing but another extraordinary day
Where I get to open my eyes and
Thank God for you
The most beautiful soul in the world.

Happy Commercial Love Day

If you have someone
Hold them

If you’re single
Be patient

If you’ve just been dumped
Be thankful

If you’ve just dumped someone
Don’t look back

If you’re pissed at your significant other
Cuss’ them out, and
Then make passionate love and
Work through it

No matter where you stand in your
On love,
Don’t fall for the trap of
Displaying your love and affection through

And if you must
Spend your money
Make a love offering
To the people of Haiti
Or the Famine victims in the Horn of Africa
Or to battered women in America
Or to a homeless shelter
Or a food bank

Because love is about unselfish sacrifice