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I’m different, and I won’t change who I am to fit into your box, to appease your taste, or to make you feel comfortable when I’m around. I won’t sacrifice my values or my purpose to be more patriotic or to follow your lead. I won’t turn my back on people because we share a different belief system, we’re in different places in our class system,  or we’re considered to be different in our man-made race system.  I won’t give Obama or any other politician a pass because they’re black, gay, a woman, or a Christian…… and I won’t be quiet or toe the line with all of my people who think I shouldn’t have anything critical to say about our leaders as long as our country continues turning its back on its people.

I’m different, and I won’t bullshit you, sacrifice my happiness to be more like you, or deviate from God’s plan to agree with you when I know my soul is telling me to go a different direction.

I’m different, and I’m comfortable with who I am and looking forward to being the final product of who I was called to be.

I’m Sean King, and that’s good enough for me.