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Hump Day Advice

My advice to anyone who thinks they got dealt a bad hand is simple: So what!!

Don’t allow yourself to believe for one moment that you are hopeless, helpless, and that the people/institutions that you believe put you in this predicament are going to fix all that is wrong in your life for you.

Furthermore, we have to adjust our perspective to understand the reality that equality is a myth, fairness is un-American, racism will continue to be an underlying component of the fabric of our society until the empire falls, and people don’t really care if you fail.

That being said, our job is simple: To succeed in spite of all of the barriers, haters, and circumstances standing in your way. How: Dogged determination, unwavering faith, resilient perseverance, hard work, and the childish belief that you can do anything you choose.

It’s time to get over the hump and get it done.   Good morning and much love!!

A Little Bit of Truth

Truthfully, nobody cares about what you’re up against or how you ended up down on your luck. So you may as well save the sob stories about being a victim, quit talking about all the people who did you wrong or let you down, and start working to get a handle on your life.

Translation: Stop whining, wipe your tears away, get off your ass, stand on your two feet, and own your destiny. It doesn’t matter if it’s not fair, or how many people started off with more than you, or what you’ve been through, or who’s to blame. At the end of the day you have to own the outcome of your life regardless of the circumstances you face.