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To My Dreamers


To my dreamers: Don’t allow the pitfalls or the mountains you encounter on your path discourage you from continuing to move forward. Don’t let the doubts or lack of support from those around you lead to a place of self doubt. Don’t become so fixated on that brick wall that’s standing between you and your destiny that you forget what your destiny is.

What I’m saying is this: If you fall down; get up. If there is a mountain that needs to be climbed; don’t think about how high it is, just climb it. If you feel the people who love you don’t support your dreams; achieve them and watch those same people who didn’t believe become the people who tell you they always believed in you. If you come face to face with a brick wall; knock it down, go around it, climb over the top of it, jump, fly, soar… do whatever you need to do to keep moving toward your destiny.

You are capable, you just have to believe in you… ~ Sean King




Sometimes you have to be dumb enough to keep trying even when logic is begging you to give up. Let’s be honest; logic is based on reality, reality is based on what the mind can comprehend, and the mind can only comprehend a small fraction of our infinite possibilities. So instead of focusing on our reality, or being handcuffed by our doubt and fear, we have to learn to focus on our truth. Our truth is, we can always go just beyond the furthest place that we can imagine; if we are dumb enough to keep trying even when our logic is begging us to give up. ~ Sean King


I Ain’t Scared

I have to be honest. I don’t have all the answers to this thing we call life. I sometimes get discouraged and suffer from doubt when significant obstacles are placed in my path. I don’t always exceed or even reach my expectations. I’ve made some mistakes that I’m not proud of. I’ve let people down and gotten upset over petty stuff. Yes, I have been lost, not knowing which way to go, and hopeless, unsure if I could even carry on…

But each time I fall down I get up, I regroup, and I press forward. Like I said, I’ve made my share of mistakes in life, and I’ve had my doubts, but the one thing I won’t do is rollover and quit.

If life wants to stop me, it’s gonna have to beat me down until I’m unable to get up. Until then we just gonna keep fighting because I’m not backing down and I Ain’t Scared!