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The Choice is Yours


When I was younger, I had some friends that always seemed to be happy no matter what was going on around them, and to be honest, I thought they were either being fake or very fortunate to never have bad things happen.

I also had friends that no matter what was going on around them always seemed to be down with a permanent frown. I always believed they were over dramatic and wondered how life could ALWAYS be as bad as they made it out to be?

After much observation and many days (sometimes years) of trying to dissect my friends (Lol), I realized that my happy friends were dealing with the same kind of issues as my unhappy ones.  The difference being, they made a CHOICE to take it all in stride and to radiate happiness regardless of circumstance.

My melancholy friends on the other hand, always seemed as if they sought sadness.   As if there was no one or nothing in this world that could cheer them up.  Over time, I would learn that they too made a CHOICE to allow their circumstance to ruin their days and nights.

Now that I’m older, I realize that I must come across as that happy person that people think is happy because I live a privileged life.  A life in which everything is perfect. Hopefully, the people who believe that will understand, as I came to understand, that HAPPINESS IS SOMETHING WE CHOOSE to be, or not to be.

Own your life
Choose your happiness
Radiate your love
Embrace your destiny,
This is the power God gave to us. ~ Sean King


Your Move

There is a high probability, that there will be a point in most of our lives where our conflict, whether caused by forces beyond our control or self-inflicted, will take us to a low point. The bottom, a place where quitting seems like a good option and hanging on just doesn’t seem worth it.  In the story of our life, this is called the climax, the crux of our existence.

It is at this point when we are being tested to our limits that our true character will be revealed. Will you fold, will you fight, will you crumble under the pressure, or will you overcome your circumstance? What will be your theme, how do you want to be remembered, will they look to your story for inspiration, or forget about you completely?

It’s your story, your life, your choice, and what you do next will determine your destiny.

Your move….

A Little Bit of Truth

Truthfully, nobody cares about what you’re up against or how you ended up down on your luck. So you may as well save the sob stories about being a victim, quit talking about all the people who did you wrong or let you down, and start working to get a handle on your life.

Translation: Stop whining, wipe your tears away, get off your ass, stand on your two feet, and own your destiny. It doesn’t matter if it’s not fair, or how many people started off with more than you, or what you’ve been through, or who’s to blame. At the end of the day you have to own the outcome of your life regardless of the circumstances you face.