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Sons and Dreams


If my sons ever tell me their dream is to be the President of the United States, I’ll tell them to strive for something bigger. To think broader and more globally. To dream of becoming someone that lives with integrity without needing to sell an ounce of their soul.

I’ll tell them to dream not of positions of status, nor wealth, nor the types of possessions they’ll have, but to dream of what they will do to save a soul, to uplift a heart, to educate a mind, and to embrace a brother or sister in need regardless of country of origin, sexual orientation, or religion.

I’ll tell them to dream of being humble no matter how much success life grants them. To dream of being empathetic for those that are struggling no matter how much they believe success and failure is calculated based on one’s merit.  To dream of being both grateful and appreciative at all times.

I’ll tell them to dream of waking up and going to bed happy. To dream of having a life where their biggest source of pride is being surrounded by love, and people of good character.

Most importantly, I’ll tell them to fight for their dreams. To resist the urge to cut corners. To understand that even the means need to be approached with integrity or the ends lose value. To be faithful and God loving at all times, and to be as worthy as they possibly can considering the fact they will be men…

…and if they still want to be something as ordinary as the President of the United States, I’ll support that too – even though I know this life has so many more rewarding things to offer. ~ Sean King

I Pray


I pray for all the families; for all the men, women, and children all over the world that are or will find themselves struggling to cope with the loss of loved ones.

I pray for the well being of all the people who find themselves barely hanging on and lost in our complex world of contradictions.

I pray that all of the children being taught violence as a solution to problems will someday find love and prove to be better than us, their teachers.

I pray that someday the American passion for life that gets displayed every time a tragedy strikes one of our communities becomes a permanent fixture in our hearts, and that this American humanity expands to include compassion for non-Christians and non-Americans all over the world.

I pray that one day, my Christian brothers and sisters will quit murdering in the name of Allah, my Muslim brothers and sisters will quit murdering in the name of God, and our American politicians will quit sending our American kids to war under the false pretense of democracy and justice.

I pray for you, in hopes that you when hit that wall and begin to believe you can’t go any further, that when you reach that point where you can’t see any hope, that when you find yourself in that space where darkness is the only thing that surrounds you, I pray that you will find the courage and perseverance to take one more step forward.

I pray for us, in hopes that someday we will truly treat one another as our brothers and sisters the way El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) did when he returned from his Hajj, the way Martin Luther King, Jr. did when he embraced humanity, the way Mother Theresa did as she worked tirelessly to make the world better, and the way so many do as they heroically go on with the business of doing for others without any fanfare.

I pray…

Happy Mother’s Day

graduation scan0020

To the woman that taught me that boxes only exist in your head, that’s it’s okay to be more than they expect you to be, that if you’re living then it’s not to late to live your dream, to fight without retreat, to dream without doubt, to live without fear, to walk with purpose, to believe and have faith in yourself, to know God for yourself, to be generous and kind, to focus on life instead of wasting your time being afraid of death, and to love unconditionally… You are in heaven now, but your influence, your life, your mark on this world is as undeniable today as it was when you were here on earth with us. You are because I am, and I am because you are my hero.

To all the other women, fighting for freedom, living for hope, embracing your dreams, raising young warriors, and building better tomorrows through your LOVE. I love you for who you are and I thank God for placing angels in our mist. You are truly the best of our kind.

My heart beats in rhythms of three. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You. ~ Sean King