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Be tenacious in pursuit of your dreams. 
Be persevering when obstacles are placed in your way. 
Be truthful in your speech and actions. 
Be kind to those you meet on your journey. 
Be honorable on your path to success. 
Be humble when success opens its arms to you. 
Be helpful without worrying about whether or not someone deserves your help. 
Be forgiving even when you’re hurt. 
Be loving even when you feel unloved. 
Be understanding even when you’re misunderstood. 
Be thankful for where you’ve been. 
Be thankful for where you’re going. 
Be thankful for the beauty of who you are.
Be prayerful, loving, and kind with every breath you take. ~ Sean King


Sons and Dreams


If my sons ever tell me their dream is to be the President of the United States, I’ll tell them to strive for something bigger. To think broader and more globally. To dream of becoming someone that lives with integrity without needing to sell an ounce of their soul.

I’ll tell them to dream not of positions of status, nor wealth, nor the types of possessions they’ll have, but to dream of what they will do to save a soul, to uplift a heart, to educate a mind, and to embrace a brother or sister in need regardless of country of origin, sexual orientation, or religion.

I’ll tell them to dream of being humble no matter how much success life grants them. To dream of being empathetic for those that are struggling no matter how much they believe success and failure is calculated based on one’s merit.  To dream of being both grateful and appreciative at all times.

I’ll tell them to dream of waking up and going to bed happy. To dream of having a life where their biggest source of pride is being surrounded by love, and people of good character.

Most importantly, I’ll tell them to fight for their dreams. To resist the urge to cut corners. To understand that even the means need to be approached with integrity or the ends lose value. To be faithful and God loving at all times, and to be as worthy as they possibly can considering the fact they will be men…

…and if they still want to be something as ordinary as the President of the United States, I’ll support that too – even though I know this life has so many more rewarding things to offer. ~ Sean King

Integrity and Purpose

Don’t go anywhere that requires you to leave your soul behind to get there. Know your worth and take every step with integrity and an understanding of your purpose. ~ Sean King