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Happy Mother’s Day

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To the woman that taught me that boxes only exist in your head, that’s it’s okay to be more than they expect you to be, that if you’re living then it’s not to late to live your dream, to fight without retreat, to dream without doubt, to live without fear, to walk with purpose, to believe and have faith in yourself, to know God for yourself, to be generous and kind, to focus on life instead of wasting your time being afraid of death, and to love unconditionally… You are in heaven now, but your influence, your life, your mark on this world is as undeniable today as it was when you were here on earth with us. You are because I am, and I am because you are my hero.

To all the other women, fighting for freedom, living for hope, embracing your dreams, raising young warriors, and building better tomorrows through your LOVE. I love you for who you are and I thank God for placing angels in our mist. You are truly the best of our kind.

My heart beats in rhythms of three. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You. ~ Sean King


Don’t Believe Them

Unless they’re telling you that you’re a descendant of Kings and Queens, are beautiful to your core, have an infinite history, and boundless potential; don’t believe them. They will try to convince you that you’re a monster and lucky to get the scraps off their plate, don’t believe them. They will tell you that you’re ugly because of your perceived physical deformities, an idea that you your skin is of a less favorable color, you have the wrong origin of birth or current country of residence, your weight, height, and/or or your age; don’t believe them. They will tell you that your scars and the weight you gained from becoming a mother makes you less attractive. Don’t believe them.

What and who you are is a child of God. You are unique and beautiful exactly as God created you. Hear it, learn it, believe it, accept it, and act like the Kings and Queens you are.

Kings and Queens