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I Want To (A Freewrite for International Poetry Month)


I want to touch you
in the most inappropriate way imaginable

I want to rub my fingers across the small
of your back with the same intricate care
I use to write words of freedom

I want to hear you moan
as I admire the parabolic arch
your body creates when only your
clavicle and your butt touch the surface

I want to whisper in your ear
a truth so sweet that the rhythm of your breath
matches the cadence of your heart

I want to arouse your soul
to the point that we are drowning
in a pool of nectar created
by the torrential downpour of your rain

I want to penetrate you
with passionate strokes
of love, until I bring
you to the verge of quaking
before pausing,
just long enough to watch you beg
for me to continue…