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Reflections (10/5/2013)

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This morning, like a lot of other mornings, I woke up and wanted to talk to my loved ones that have already passed on. To be honest, this is not something that makes me sad or angry, just a reality for someone that has said goodbye to a lot of people over a relatively short life. It’s a reality that has taught me about mortality, dreams, friendship, appreciating the here and now, and the importance of not wasting moments. Through this reality, I have learned the importance of every single breath, of every interaction, of passionately pursuing my dreams from the time I wake up (God Willing/Insha’Allah) until I rest my head at night, and of you. This reality has helped me to move away from the idea of the American dream and toward God’s purpose. It has taught me to stop counting on tomorrow’s and to quit assuming I’ll have another chance to make it right. Most importantly, it has taught me passion.

When you sit down with me, when we communicate in passing, when you read what I’ve written or watch how I’m living, I hope the thing you see is someone who is passionate about friendship, about using my gifts to help someone, about life, and about love.

Why do I share this? I share this so that you can understand what I’ve come to understand. We have been given but a few ticks on the clock of eternity to achieve an infinite amount of dreams and to express an infinite amount of love; we don’t have a single breath to waste on the bullshit.


I Want To (A Freewrite for International Poetry Month)


I want to touch you
in the most inappropriate way imaginable

I want to rub my fingers across the small
of your back with the same intricate care
I use to write words of freedom

I want to hear you moan
as I admire the parabolic arch
your body creates when only your
clavicle and your butt touch the surface

I want to whisper in your ear
a truth so sweet that the rhythm of your breath
matches the cadence of your heart

I want to arouse your soul
to the point that we are drowning
in a pool of nectar created
by the torrential downpour of your rain

I want to penetrate you
with passionate strokes
of love, until I bring
you to the verge of quaking
before pausing,
just long enough to watch you beg
for me to continue…

If You Knew what I Know

If you found out that you were dying, would you stand up and do all the things that fear and doubt has kept you from doing? Would you pull out your bucket list and start pursuing all those crazy dreams and doing all those wild things you’ve always wanted to do?  Well, I don’t know if anyone has told you yet, but you are dying, so you better start living while you can. — Sean King