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Be tenacious in pursuit of your dreams. 
Be persevering when obstacles are placed in your way. 
Be truthful in your speech and actions. 
Be kind to those you meet on your journey. 
Be honorable on your path to success. 
Be humble when success opens its arms to you. 
Be helpful without worrying about whether or not someone deserves your help. 
Be forgiving even when you’re hurt. 
Be loving even when you feel unloved. 
Be understanding even when you’re misunderstood. 
Be thankful for where you’ve been. 
Be thankful for where you’re going. 
Be thankful for the beauty of who you are.
Be prayerful, loving, and kind with every breath you take. ~ Sean King


Get Your Hands Off Me!

You need to do whatever is necessary to get the devils hands off your neck and to regain control over your life. Poke him in the eyes, hit’em in the throat, throw an elbow to the gut, kick’em in the nuts if you have to.. and when you break his grip, you better:

  • Pray,
  • Get sober,
  • Stop acting scared,
  • Discover you,
  • Get rid of the negativity,
  • Forgive yourself,
  • Learn to love, and
  • Walk on the path to your freedom until you’re no longer in his reach.