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Everyday is a Day to be Thankful

I am thankful
for your smile
for your laughter
for your friendship
for your prayers
for your compassion
for your unselfishness
for you being there
when you were needed

I am thankful
for your patience
for your help in
guiding me through
the dark times
for your light
showing me the way
back to God
every time I strayed
off course

I am thankful
for yesterday’s memories
for tomorrow’s triumphs
for the opportunity
unfolding right now
for every angel
God has disguised
as my family
as my friends
as random characters
that pop up in my life
at just the right time

I am thankful
for God’s infinite love
and right on time blessings

I am thankful
For You!



I’ve Heard it Before

It’s a shame
To be knowledgeable yet useless
To be intelligent yet unaware
To be heard yet ignored
To be seen yet invisible
To speak,
Godly words that
Fall on deaf ears
Because your ego
Drowns out the sound of
Your truth

You want to be received,
But you haven’t learned
How to give

God’s Currency

My blessings exceed my worthiness so I strive to give the excess away to those that are less fortunate than me.  My belief, there should be no Capitalism when the currency we’re dealing in is God’s blessings.  — Sean King