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Thoughts on Poetry

It’s okay to write beautiful words that leverage an extensive vocabulary, are laced with erotic innuendo, and structured in one of the infinitely beautiful preexisting forms of poetry that go back thousands of years. But sometimes it’s necessary to break from tradition and style and to write something raw. Something dripping with emotion and truthful to its core. Something that stands in front of you naked, jiggling and flopping in your face, defiantly refusing to veil its body for your comfort. Sometimes it’s necessary to take your pen to the street and speak on behalf of the voiceless souls clawing for their small piece of the pie. Sometimes it’s necessary to write something where the whole purpose is to reach the very core of man and to jump start his soul into action. Sometimes it’s necessary to forget about the art and to reconnect with the being that is human.



Like most Americans, I used to worship the God of your American Dream.  But today, my dreams are bigger than any constitution constructed by man. Bigger than any wish that can be bought with money. Bigger than any freedom that can be won by war or through politics. Bigger than any belief that places one man or one group of men above others. Bigger than any system that allows one man to eat gluttonously while another starves to death. Bigger than nuclear bombs and war for oil. Bigger than the profits of the oil companies and the prison industrial complex. Bigger than the injustice of justice. Bigger than the fear that prevents us from chasing our dreams. Suffice it to say, my dreams are enormous… yet possible… even probable..

As a Matter of Fact

It’s amazing,
how a positive attitude
coupled with genuine acts of kindness
can uplift both you
and those around you

How something as simple
as a smile
can be a Godsend to
someone having the worst day
of their life

How a sincere thank you
can uplift the spirit
of someone working hard
but feeling unappreciated

How a heartfelt compliment
can make someone
radiate light like the sun

How a word
as simple as hello
can make a forgotten soul
remember what it’s like
to be seen

It’s amazing,
how much we matter
to each other
and how little of an effort
is needed
to make a difference

As a matter of fact
It’s a shame
that more of us
don’t do it

the kindness
a smile
thank you
a compliment