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Happy New Year

All I’m taking into the New Year is Hope, Dreams, Love, You, and God. Everything else will be let go. – Sean King


End of the Year Reflections

The end of the year is always a great time to celebrate with family and friends, to remember those who are no longer here to celebrate with us, to act kindly and give generously, to contemplate new beginnings, and to make a couple of New Year’s resolutions that we won’t keep even though they were made with the best intentions.  For me, the end of the year is also a great time to reflect on life.  This year, just like many other years have been full of ups and downs.  Full of humbling experiences that have reminded me how frail our grasp on life is and just how quickly everything can change.

Through it all, I’ve learned to ignore the little things that used to get me bent out of shape.  I’ve learned to forgive and to let go of those situations where I feel someone has wronged me.  I’ve learned to be thankful for everyone that is, has ever been, or will ever be in my life regardless of how long or how short it has been or will be.  I’ve learned to be happy with the ups (opportunity, friends, love) and downs (losing loved ones, falling out with a friend or family member, getting ill, failing to accomplish a goal) because I know both outcomes have led me to life’s blessings.   Most importantly, I’ve learned to accept the fullness and perfection of the love God has given me and to forego any desire to mold it into anything different.

Yes, I’ve learned to be happy with who I am, what I have, and who God has surrounded me with.   Am I perfect?  Absolutely not!  I still fall short more times than I can count, but I am blessed.  I am thankful for life and you, the wonderful people who have been placed in my life.  You have been the treasures that have made the downs doable and the ups beautiful.  Because of you, I would never consider thinking I’ve been cheated or that life is unfair.  Friendship and Love is a bigger than any sort of financial reward.  Peace and Blessings,